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Our Web Design Process

At Hummingbird Collective, we believe in creating beautiful, customized and mobile-friendly WordPress websites that get at the heart of your brand, your story and your goals.

Which is why we always start with an initial consultation with our clients, followed by significant research on industry standards, competitor offerings and audience needs. We don’t just want your website to look good — we also want it to be effective.

Web Design with You in Mind

Your website should connect with your audience, reflect your brand and support your goals. And it should also do it in a way that is easy to navigate, looks great on any device, and has the potential for high rankings on Google.

If it doesn’t achieve these steps, your website could be doing more harm than good. Keep your customers happy by making their decision process simple, without any room for doubt about your company.

Benefits of Hiring a Website Designer

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a team of ten, chances are you know how it feels to be taking on more projects than you can handle. We can change all of that, giving you more freedom with your time, fewer things to worry about, and better chances of attracting your ideal clients.

You’ll also have more than just a company with design expertise: we also include website content, search engine optimiation, logo design and photography services to make your website the best it can be right from the start.

Web Design Services & Products

Custom WordPress Websites


Website Copywriting


Search Engine Optimization

Mobile Optimization


SSL Certificates

Custom Photography

Monthly Support

Google Analytics Installation


Coaching & Training