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Analyzing Performance

In order to know how well your marketing strategies are actully working, you have to be able to look at the data and determine steps for improvement. Let us help you track ROI by creating reports and analyzing the numbers for you.

Google Analytics

We utilize Google’s website analytics platform to see which web pages and blog posts are performing the best (or worst), which sources of traffic are working well, and how engaged users are when they land on your website. This data can better help us learn which pages might need improvement, where your sales leads are coming from and which areas of your website are more likely to generate inquiries through Google Adwords campaigns.

Social Media Insights

  Each social media platform allows you to track short and long-term engagement, follower trends, advertising click through rates and more through social media insight data.

We assist our clients with extrapolating important information from social media reports to learn which types of posts perform the best, what time of day or week is best to post, and how to utilize audience demographics to create high-quality social media advertisements.

Benefits of Data Analysis

Reporting and analytics help us to finish the cyclical process of digital marketing methods. Without data to analyze, it’s nearly impossible to adjust marketing tactics, make improvements or understand why something isn’t working. Get the most out of your marketing strategy by depending on us to track our progress and increase your return on investment every time.

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