Unique Ways to Utilize Testimonials to Gain New Leads for Your Business

May 6, 2018

When you don’t want to toot your own horn, have others do it for you. Testimonials are a simple way to add value to your brand by utilizing the work you’ve done and the relationships you’ve built.

Before someone buys your product or inquires about your service, they want to know how others feel about it. That’s where testimonials come in: they build trust by giving your brand credibility from people who’ve already purchased from or worked with you.

When potential customers are looking into doing business with you, a testimonial could be just what you need to seal the deal. Here are a few creative ways to utilize testimonials to gain new leads for your business.

Website Features

Including testimonials on your website is a no brainer. Your website is the first place potential clients or customers will head to if they’re considering your business, so it’s a good idea to greet them with the enthusiastic word of others.

If you have a service-based business and have a page for each service you offer, see if you can gather a client testimonial for each one. Other ways to implement testimonials on your website are through a scrolling feature on the bottom of your homepage, a sidebar on your About page, or by creating an entire page dedicated to testimonials.

Just make sure each testimonial or product review shows value and includes a relevant image if it makes sense.

A bonus idea: create a video testimonial! Videos go farther by engaging people with storytelling rather than with a single quote on a website.

Email Newsletters

Whether you send out weekly content, occasional announcements and updates, or promote your services from time to time, testimonials can be incorporated into many styles of newsletters. Create a section within the newsletter that highlights what your business can offer and how it has helped another client.

Testimonials can also be weaved in like they would on your website. They can be permanent fixtures at the bottom of your newsletter, or can be included whenever you’re sending out promotional emails that highlight a specific product or service.

Social Media

Make your client testimonial visual by creating a post for social media. Choose a relevant photo, and reach out to the customer or client who is connected with that photo. If you’re a wedding photographer, choose a few photos from a wedding you shot and use the couple’s testimonial as the caption.

The same goes for a product-based business. Feature a product shot on Instagram and use a customer review as the caption. Seeing how others feel about a product or service can be just what your audience needs in order to be converted into a customer.

Case Studies

If you want to fully highlight the work you’ve done, create a case study for one of your previous clients.

This may take a bit more effort than simply adding a testimonial to your website, but it will certainly pay off in the long-run. Case studies provide an in-depth look into the work you did for a client, the results your client’s business received, and give potential clients a thorough understanding of what they could gain from working with you.

While the work could probably speak for itself, it helps to include a testimonial with the case study as well. After seeing what others had to say about working with you, combined with the tangible results provided in the case study, potential clients will have all the proof they need that you’re the one they should work with.

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