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Writing about yourself (or your brand) can feel awkward. But pushing past that awkwardness is necessary in order to write a great About page for your business.

If you know your audience, the message you want to communicate, and your brand’s identity, all you have to do is combine all of that to create one stellar About page.

When crafting your About page, it’s important to think like your customer. If potential customers are visiting your website for the first time, what do you want them to take away from your brand?

Your audience should leave the page with a clear understanding of your brand’s mission, product or service, and how they can benefit from it. Here are a few tips for how to create an About page that checks all the right boxes.

Share your story

Who doesn’t love a good origin story? We all love to get to know the people behind a brand, so don’t be afraid to share a little bit about you.

Give your audience your company’s background story, why you started your business and even a few fun facts that are on a more personal level.

It’s easy to focus on the business aspect when presenting yourself, but being open about who you are as a person and how that contributes to your business allows people to get to know you and relate to you in a human way.

While building a strong brand identity is crucial for business, your brand wouldn’t be what it is without the person behind it. Let your audience in to why this business exists in the first place.

Let your voice shine through

Your brand should have a unique voice and perspective. This voice should come through in all of your messaging, but especially in your About page.

This page is your opportunity to draw people in to your mission, your product, and your overall brand. Stick to the brand identity you’ve created and use that to guide the way you write your About page. Use certain words or phrases that represent your brand’s style and message so people will associate your content with your company.

Make it visual

Keep your audience engaged by making your About page visually interesting. Whether that’s through high-quality photos, infographics, or fun icons, your About page should include graphics and images. Visual aspects tie the whole page together and add another human aspect to your website.

Even if you don’t feel like your business is visually appealing, there’s always something you can include that can add a little something to your overall look. It can be a team photo, action shots from the office or illustrations that describe the brand or product.

Visuals add a lighthearted element that can make your business more appealing and have your audience wanting to learn more.

Keep it clear and concise

Just like an elevator pitch you’ve prepared for a networking event, your About page should sum up everything you want your audience to know. Even with visuals and backstory, your overall message should be clear and to the point. Potential clients or customers should have a good grasp on what you do, who you are and what you offer after reading your About page.

Make sure your message is clear — you want to communicate the essentials, first and foremost, and anything else after that should really bring your brand messaging home.

You should also include a call-to-action in order to point your audience in the right direction. What do you want them to do? Which pages on your website should they visit next? Acting as a base for the rest of the content, your About page is just one of many important elements on your website — treat it like a welcoming introduction.  

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