Why You Should Accept Business Projects that Scare You

December 7, 2017

Listen, I’ve been there. As an entrepreneur, I receive project inquiries all the time that seem far too challenging for the time being. Or projects that I know I could do someday, “once I know how.”

I’m not talking about the ones that are completely outside of your wheelhouse, or ones coming your way with difficult clients. I am talking about the ones that are achievable, but projects most entrepreneurs shy away from because of our own insecurities and self-doubts.

As a new entrepreneur, I very quickly realized that these opportunities may not come along often, leaving me with pretty slim chances of ever learning how to accomplish these tasks. So instead, I’ve started saying yes to as many challenging projects for my clients as I can.

And my business is better for it. 

What Happens When You Start Saying Yes More Often

Not only has my revenue increased — surely a great accomplishment by itself — but my experience as a business professional, entrepreneur, writer, and marketer has become more diverse and extensive.

You Learn

I have taken on projects that were initially fairly intimidating, and I said yes to them because I knew I would learn by doing. If you’re anything like me, just thinking about big projects you’ve never done before is already anxiety-inducing. I can’t promise that will ever go away. However, I’ve found that saying yes (despite my inner self mouthing the word no) forces me to figure it out through research, practice and repetition.

In other words:

“Yes” doesn’t have to mean “Yes, I can” because you already know how to do something. It can also stand for “Yes, I will” because you will learn. You might also discover that it wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be.

You Gain Confidence

Just like any other task or challenge in life, when you accept client projects as an entrepreneur that you’ve never tried before and then you accomplish them, it gives you a confidence boost. And it will feel amazing.

Don’t ever sell yourself short. I may never have met you, but I’m willing to bet you can think of at least one or two past experiences that seemed like major roadblocks . . . and you overcame them. Remember how that finish line felt. Re-live those memories. Remind yourself of how smart, resourceful, resilient, and innovative you are. Then say yes — with enthusiasm!

Your Business Grows

And in more ways than one! You’ll become a more diverse and knowledgeable expert in your field, which helps you stand out from the competition. You’ll also be appreciated by clients who see you as a trustworthy business professional they can rely on to help them solve problems. And the best part? It will also likely mean you’ll have several strong connections with people who will sing your praises and refer you to others they know.

When in Doubt, Ask Someone You Trust

If you’re still second guessing yourself, ask a close business partner, friend or your spouse about the project. Sometimes talking with another person you know and trust, especially someone who knows your business inside and out, can be exactly what you needed to hear.

And for all those projects you know for a fact aren’t something you want to learn about or are outside of your industry? Refer the project to someone you know will do a fantastic job. Successful referrals are the next best thing to saying yes.

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