Top Coworking Spaces in Denver CO

October 16, 2018

Freelancers, remote workers and small business owners alike understand how isolating entrepreneurship can be at times. But that’s where coworking comes in.

Working in a shared space with other like-minded individuals has countless benefits. From making new connections, to collaborating on business ideas, having a coworking membership is sure to help your business grow. Not to mention the additional benefits that come along with coworking like free coffee, events, and other unique amenities. If you’re an entrepreneur in Denver, here are the top coworking spaces to check out.  

Green Spaces

As the first eco coworking space in the nation, Green Spaces boasts environmentally-friendly features like a 100 percent solar-powered building and plenty of plants. This could be the perfect place to set up shop if you have a sustainable business, or even if you’re just looking to reduce your carbon footprint. While Green Spaces is located in the RiNo Arts District, they have a partnership with Blue Arrow Coworking that offers members a chance to cowork in either city.

Thrive Workplace

Thrive Workplace offers all of the benefits and amenities a business owner or remote worker may be looking for. Flexible memberships, plenty of free coffee and beer, and monthly lunches and networking events. With two spaces in Denver and one in Arvada, members have flexible options no matter which location they choose to work from.


Known for their tech educational programs, Galvanize is best suited for startups and tech-focused companies. While they’ve made their way to multiple cities across the nation, the very first Galvanize campus is located in Denver in the Golden Triangle neighborhood. The coworking space offers plenty of opportunities to grow your skills through their programs, workshops and resources.


Are you energized by the hustle and bustle of city life? Then Modworks is the space for you. Located in downtown Denver, this space is easily accessible by bike or public transportation, and within walking distance to nearby attractions. Features include bike storage, free copying and printing, unlimited conference room time, and even restaurants and a cafe in the building lobby.

Creative Density

Freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs can all find their place at Creative Density. Are you a content creator or storyteller? Then you may enjoy one of Creative Density’s featured amenities: a podcasting studio. For just $15 an hour, you can take advantage of their professional equipment for your podcast, which is a feature you may not find everywhere.

Shiftwork Workspaces

Shiftwork Workspaces focuses on creating community and encouraging balance between work and life. It’s safe to say we could all benefit from that! Both of their Denver locations come with event spaces, event and networking opportunities, and flexible membership options. One of their memberships is the Virtual Office. This memberships offers the benefits of a full-time office but with less commitment. An ideal situation for freelancers!

Converge Denver

When your work is contributing to the greater good, everybody wins. That’s why Converge Denver focuses on making a difference in the community. The coworking space has built a collaborative environment where any business or solopreneur across a variety of industries can feel welcomed and supported.

Enterprise Coworking

And last, but definitely Enterprise Coworking not least is one of my personal favorites: . Located in the heart of the RiNo district, this coworking space offers a variety of options to grow with your business from solopreneur to full-blown employer of a hardworking team. They also offer meeting rooms, event spaces, and even a rooftop area where you can see the Denver skyline.

Have a Favorite Coworking Space in Denver?

Tell us about it if it’s not already on the list! We’re always on the hunt for great coworking space options, especially ones with meeting rooms and spaces for events! List your favorite local spot in the comments below!


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