Hottest Mobile Apps to Help You Grow Your Business

May 10, 2018

By now, most every business owner these days knows about all the big ones: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. Utilizing social media apps can be a huge help in generating new content and responding to customer feedback on the go.

But there are also a handful of great mobile apps for business owners and entrepreneurs that have come out recently that you may not know about! Check out the list below to see which ones might be a great fit for you to use in order to grow your business in 2018:


This one isn’t just for budding entrepreneurs — it can be useful for those making a career change or simply wanting to expand their network! Shapr provides users with a similar setup to Tinder’s app, but for professional connections instead of personal relationships.

You fill out a profile, and then receive anywhere between 10-20 suggested connections each day. When you both are interested in meeting or connecting and swipe right, it’s a match! Some of the perks of this app is that it allows you to showcase your business’ niche or expertise, and you can state what you’re looking for: investors, business partners, or other connections.


Stay up to date on your latest tasks and projects while on the go by using an app like Asana. Add new comments, change due dates, and assign tasks to others in your organization on your mobile device in seconds!

Google Voice

If you’re starting a new business without a physical location, using an app like Google Voice can help you appear more professional. Instead of relying on your cell phone number, you can set up a business phone number (for free!) through Google Voice that sends calls and texts to your cell phone. You can even set up a separate voicemail message for your business contacts to hear.


Is 2018 your year for upping your Instagram strategy? Consider adding the Repost app to your phone! This allows you to re-share Instagram posts from other accounts onto your account. It’s a great way to build a community while still giving credit to the original poster.


Schedule social media posts and stay up to date on the latest news and hashtags through a scheduler like Hootsuite! Consistently rated as one of the best social media management platforms out there today, Hootsuite can save you tons of time by allowing you to schedule across multiple social networks from one login.


Tired of writing down your mileage or entering it into a spreadsheet in order to get those tax benefits at the end of the year? Thousands of business owners rely on the MileIQ app to track all the miles they drive for business purposes! You can even classify what the trip was for (such as a client meeting, errand running, etc) and save commonly driven trips.

There’s a free pricing plan that allows up to 40 drives per month, or sign up for unlimited drives at a small price of $5.99/month, or $4.99/month if paid annually.

Suggest Another App You Love!

Have a few mobile apps we overlooked but you can’t live without? Tell us about them below!

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