Why You Should Learn to Delegate Projects Whenever Possible

April 9, 2018

As business owners, we play the role of so many others wrapped into one. We are marketers, customer service representatives, sales people, creators and innovators, accountants . . . you name it, we do it. And because our time as managers of our businesses, it’s absolutely necessary that we start to get really good at delegating if we want to succeed in the long term.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. I personally know how hard it is to let go of something (anything!) that affects the company I’ve poured my heart and soul into from the start. But learning to delegate will be one of the best ways to make your business both efficient and scalable for years to come.

Top Benefits of Delegating Responsibilities to Others

If you need a little convincing, here are some of the best perks of handing off work to others whenever you can:

1. You’ll have more time on your hands to keep the business growing. 

Less time spent on simple, repetitive tasks means more time networking, improving your skills and client satisfaction — all of which help your business grow at faster rates.

2. You can stop doing the parts of your business you hate. 

Not much of a blog writer but know you need to improve your site’s SEO? Outsource your blog writing! Despise looking at numbers and can’t stand dealing with finances? Hire an accountant!

If there are tasks involved in managing your business that you just don’t like doing, stop the headaches and stress and pass them off to someone else who loves to help others in those ways.

3. The quality of what gets delegated actually improves. 

I’m sure you’re fantastic at a lot of things! But when you force yourself to do things like post to your social media accounts or design your website when they aren’t within your realm of expertise (and you don’t have the interest to do them in the best possible way), you’re likely not doing your own company justice.

When you decide to delegate or outsource, you can pass these projects off to others who not only want to do them, but enjoy them as well, often resulting in better work.

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