How Blogging Can Generate Leads for Small Businesses & Nonprofits

June 6, 2017

I get it. You might be thinking, “A blog? Aren’t those for individuals?”

…Or this: “Do people still do that?”

The truth is this: no, they aren’t just for individuals who love cooking and DIY projects, and yes! Companies and people alike still use blogs daily for a variety of reasons. And for small businesses or nonprofits with a limited budget who might have a harder time standing out among millions of other big-name publishers and sponsored ads, blogs are the perfect way to generate leads online.

Not convinced? Take a look at a few key ways blogs can generate leads for your business.

Consistent, Well-Written & Strategic Blogs Boost Website Traffic

If you aren’t yet familiar with the term “SEO,” it’s probably time to be so. Even for local businesses who have been around for a few decades, SEO (or “search engine optimization”) is something to begin working on.

When websites regularly publish online articles and blogs related to their work, industry and frequently asked customer questions, they are seen as more credible and trustworthy in Google’s eyes. This in turn boosts the presence of those websites on search engines, often to the top few pages of a search results list.

And higher website traffic can directly lead to higher sales leads — not because of numbers, but because of quality. The people looking for information on a topic that relates to your business may also be more likely to purchase a product or service from you. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Blogging Offers Extra Information for “Stealth” Audiences

If you’re looking for new ways to connect with your current and potential customers, blogging is a great way to do so. You’ll be surprised how many people may already be looking at your website, social media and online reviews, but decide against contacting you in person or over the phone. These are sometimes referred to as “stealth” audiences.

With the ease of access to free information online, many people are making more of their purchasing decisions solely or in part through the web. Blogging allows you to reach these customers and offer them helpful resources, answers to FAQs, and specific steps to contact you for assistance.

Blogs Are a Great for Customers in Many Stages of the Buyer’s Journey

An important factor to remember is that your customers may be in a wide range of places along the buyer’s journey. Are they just discovering they have a potential problem or question? Do they know what issue they’re having but need help resolving it? Or are they already ready to purchase, but aren’t sure who to contact?

Tap into each stage of the buyer’s journey through your blog! Offer ways to help them realize they need a particular service or product. Assist in educating them on ways they can fix the problem themselves. Or offer information on why they should contact you if they are looking for a certain type of company or product.

They Are a Perfect Way to Showcase Recent Work

Are you in an industry that works well with before and after case studies? Is your work highly visual? Finding ways to spotlight the work you and/or your employees do is another way to connect with potential customers through an online blog. Consider taking before and after photos, behind the scenes videos, or describe a strategy that worked well for one of your customers and the statistics to back up your impact.

Reach Out to Hummingbird Media for an Effective Blogging Strategy

Hummingbird Collective offers blogging, SEO, social media and other digital marketing services to small businesses and nonprofits in the Denver area and beyond. We love working with passionate organizations who are ready to take the next step in their digital marketing efforts. Reach out to us online for more information about our digital marketing packages, or call us at (720) 442-0772 to tell us more about your story!


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